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A folder is a collection which represents one of the following:

  • A document folder of an index in IndexManager
  • A member of a union in IndexManager
  • A sub folder of a document folder or sub folder

The photo stream of an archive is also a folder.

The asset list of a folder contains all assets which are directly contained in the folder. If the folder is the photo stream of the archive or represents a union member, then the asset list is always empty. Nevertheless, it is always possible to request the asset list representation, so an application does not need to know about unions and indexes.

The collection list of a folder contains all direct sub folders in the folder.


The URL of a folder can be obtained from the data attribute of the corresponding entry in the collection list representation of the parent folder.

For unauthenticated access to public archives, the URL of the photo stream is identical to the URL of the HTML representation of the archive, which is also the value of the href attribute of the entry in the archive list. The URL may look similar to this one:


For authenticated access to archives, the data and href URLs differ, and the data URL may look as follows:


Please note that these URLs are only examples. Archive URLs should never be created manually but obtained from the archive list.


An API client can use a folder as follows:

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