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Administrator guide: Configuring your application for FotoWeb Drag and drop export

An administrator's guide to configuring your application to receive dropped assets from FotoWeb.

Configuring your application

Bear in mind that the following instructions are generic; integrators are advised to create documentation for system administrators based on the points below. That way thay can receive full instruction on the configuration of the third-party application also to make the integration work as expected.

FotoWeb uses a URL Resolver service to which the desktop app is linked. When the desktop app receives a drop from FotoWeb, it requests data about the dropped assets from the URL resolver (/fotoweb/services/urlresolver?url=URL), and FotoWeb delivers data in JSON form to the desktop app, from which the app can extract all the necessary data to locate the original asset and its associated metadata.

Precisely how the URL Resolver service is configured how in the desktop app will vary, and we advise consulting the documentation for the desktop app in question to learn how this is accomplished.

Logging of drop operations to the History metadata field

FotoWeb also writes a drop event to the History field in the XMP metadata of every dropped asset. This can be used for a number for purposes:

  • Color Factory can pick up assets with drop events and move or copy them to a new location
  • FotoWeb can exclude assets with drop events from view, so they are not used again
  • FotoWeb can display a marker on every asset with a drop event

The history field is field number 231 in the default Fotoware metadata configuration. Its XMP name is "fwr:history" where "fwr" is short for the namespace History events can be viewed in FotoStation by selecting an asset, right clicking and selecting "Properties". The "History" tab shows a table of all history events.

Drop events have the following form in the history field:

A=0 N=0 E=DROP D=YYYY-MM-DD T=hh:mm:ss U=username

where the D attribute is the date and the T attribute is the time of the drag & drop operation and U is the FotoWeb username who performed the action. For assets dragged and dropped from FotoStation, the username is "(FotoStation)".

Autosearch to find dropped assets

Autosearch strings that match all assets with and without drop events could look as follows:

Show assets that have been dropped:

(IPTC231 contains (E=DROP))

Show assets that have NOT been dropped: 

NOT (IPTC231 contains (E=DROP))

Adding FotoWeb markers to dropped assets

A FotoWeb marker can be created with a condition to match the string "E=DROP" in field 231.