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Managing and monitoring webhook requests

Managing webhooks

Note: You need the Manage webhooks administrative privilege to manage webhooks.

Having logged in to FotoWeb, click on the wrench icon in the top banner and choose Manage webhooks.

The webhooks window that opens has three tabs where executed webhooks are listed.

Open webhooks

The Open webhooks are requests that have not yet gone through successfully. The request may for example not have reached the target server.  FotoWeb will try again several times at growing intervals before eventually giving up the request if it cannot be passed successfully. If you'd like to terminate an open webhook request you can click on the Abort button. The request fill then be removed and listed on the History tab as aborted.

Tip: If you just executed a webhook but cannot see it in the list, click on the Refresh button.

Failed webhooks

Failed webhooks are requests that, after several retries, still did not go through. You can Retry failed attempts, in which case FotoWeb will start over and retry the request several times. If you choose to Ignore failed webhooks, they will be removed from the list and moved to the History tab.

Learn more about preventing webhook timeouts.

Webhook history

The History tab lists all webhooks that have been executed and their status - completed, failed or aborted.

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