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Configuring signup notifications in Fotoware

Using webhooks you can configure Fotoware to send notifications to third-party systems when a user has signed up for an account online, and/or when the administrator approves a pending signup.

Configuring a signup notification

Open the Fotoware site management (Tools - Site Configuration), expand the Integrations node and choose Webhooks. where you can configure webhooks for two events related to users signing up.

FotoWare SaaS sign-up webhooks.png

When users register for an account, there are two stages at which Fotoware can issue a notification in the form of a webhook:

  • ​When the initial signup has been received. The webhook is issued after the user has verified his account by following the link that is sent to his email address and filled in any additional required information on that page.
  • When the signup is completed, i.e. when the account is created and ready for use. Whether administrators are required to finally approve new signups can be configured in the Enabling users to sign up topic.

This means that the two notifications will be sent at different times if the system has been configured to make administrators approve signups, whereas if admin approval of new signups it not required the account is created immediately after user email verification, and thus the notifications will be issued directly one after the other.

What data is transferred using webhooks?

The information that is delivered in the webhook can be sent as Form data or in JSON format by choosing from the Content type dropdown next to the url.

The data includes, but is not limited to:

  • All the required fields filled in by the user
  • Date and time of signup  (for the Signup received webhook)
  • Date and time of registration/account creation (for the Signup completed webhook)