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User Interface Integrations - an overview

User interface integrations (UII) enable integrators to extend the functionality of FotoWare by allowing the creation of bespoke user interfaces on the Asset Details page in FotoWare. These user interfaces can, for example, present data about an asset using a custom player/renderer or obtain data about an asset from a connected system.


The creation of user interface integrations is only possible on FotoWare systems with a valid API license. In FotoWare SaaS systems (cloud), availability depends on the chosen SaaS plan.

User access

Both logged-in users and guest users can access UIIs.

Which parts of the user interface can be changed?

When building a user interface integration with FotoWare, the areas that can be changed are:

User interface integration areas.png

Quick Info

The area on the leftmost side of the Asset Details page, below the default metadata fields and any other metadata fields that have been assigned to the Quick Info area via the archive's metadata set.

In FotoWare Pro, custom content added to Quick Info is added as a new group in the FotoWare Pro Info panel.

Asset Details

A new tab is created on the Asset Details page above the asset preview.

In FotoWare Pro, a new tab is created next to Asset info and Metadata.


A replacement for the existing asset preview area.

In FotoWare Pro, the entire preview area is also replaced by the content of the custom view.

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