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What is Color Factory?

Color Factory is a high-efficiency server application that has been specifically designed to automate the processing of large volumes of digital images and PDF documents.

Color Factory automates many routine operations in the production process and ensures that the production of images for print is seamless and efficient. The software performs workflow tasks, quality control, automatic format conversion, and color management.

The application runs as a system service on Windows Servers, and it’s based on the concept of processing channels. Each channel has an input and output folder and a set of processing instructions. When a file is copied to or placed in a hot folder, it is detected and processed by Color Factory. When the processing is finished, the processed file is saved in the output folder. Color Factory can also use a search result from the Fotoware Index Manager search engine as a channel input or can be triggered via job tickets issued by third-party applications. The channels can be configured so that files are scheduled to be processed at set intervals or at specified times.

Color Factory editions

There are 2 editions of Color Factory available to suit different workflow needs. Find out which Color Factory edition is right for you.

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