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What is Connect?

Connect is a file transfer automation server from Fotoware. It monitors multiple inputs and distributes files from local or network folders, FTP sites, FotoWeb and Index Manager servers, or even email mailboxes. It is the ideal tool for centralized archives with a need to distribute files to a number of branch offices, or as an in-house utility to automate workflow operations.

Connect is suitable for large-scale file dis­tribution to multiple destinations. Its multi­threaded architecture means it will monitor and transfer files at a high rate to many des­tinations simultaneously. What’s more, with an unlimited number of outputs per chan­nel, files dropped into a single folder can be transferred to a number of destinations fully automatically. It can regularly check a remote server for new files and pick up new ones as they arrive. If your business receives large vol­umes of files that require processing of any kind, Connect can distribute these files in a round-robin pattern for load or storage bal­ancing on the destination servers.