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Choosing a default site language

This topic explains how to define the default site language that users are presented with.

When is the default language used?

The Fotoware user interface is normally displayed in the user's preferred language. The preferred language can be configured using browser settings in all supported browsers. If the preferred language is not supported by the Fotoware user interface, then the next best language (according to browser settings) is chosen. If none of the user's preferred languages is supported, then the default language is used. The default language can be set in the Localization settings.

From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon) go to Site Configuration > Appearance > Localization.

Default locale for user interface

Forcing Fotoware to always use only one specific language

If you want Fotoware to always deliver a preset language regardless of the connecting client's browser language, enable Enforce default localizer and choose the user interface language that should be delivered.