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What is FotoWeb Desktop?

FotoWeb Desktop is a suite of desktop applications that extend the functionality in FotoWeb to Windows and Mac platforms.

The suite includes:

  • The FotoWeb Deskop Uploader, which lets users easily upload files from their local desktop to a FotoWeb archive. User authentication implies that a system administrator can control which archives the user may upload to and what metadata is required when submitting files to a specific archive.
  • A checkout module that lets a user download a file directly from the FotoWeb user interface in a web browser for local, offline editing. When the user has made the necessary changes to the file (e.g. in Photoshop if it's a picture or Word if it's a document), he can check the file back into the system. Other users cannot modify the file while it is checked out.
  • The FotoWeb Desktop plugin for Microsoft Office. This plugin makes it possible to search in FotoWeb archives from a side panel in Word and PowerPoint and place files directly onto a page or slide. Also supports cropping and sizing of pictures before they're placed on the page/slide.
  • The FotoWeb Desktop Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. This extension works with InDesign and lets users search FotoWeb archives and add pictures to InDesign layouts. It works both in Windows and on Mac.

Note: The Office plugin is only available in Microsoft Office for Windows, not Office for Mac

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