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Adding metadata to an asset using a taxonomy

How to use predefined content in a taxonomy when adding metadata to an asset in the main FotoWeb interface.

Click here to learn how to add metadata to assets using taxonomies in the Pro interface.

Adding metadata using a taxonomy

If you have been given permission to edit the metadata of assets in an archive, you can do so on the Details page.

Simply click on the Edit button in the top right corner to allow editing of the fields and then click in any field to edit it.

When you edit a field that has a taxonomy associated with it the taxonomy shows up automatically. You can then navigate the taxonomy, expanding branches and picking the tag(s) you want to add to the field.

Depending on how the metadata fields have been configured, you may be limited to choosing content from the taxonomy only, or you may also be able to add a custom tag of choice to the field.

Finally, click on the Save button in the top right corner to store the updated metadata.

Adding metadata from a taxonomy.png

Tip: If you're a taxonomy manager you can define the content that users can see and choose from in the taxonomy. 
Learn all about creating taxonomies and adding content to them.

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