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Where are exported assets stored?

Assets exported for use on a CMS are by default stored in C:\ProgramData\Fotoware\FotoWeb\Operations\Embed\YOURSITENAME.

This is a cache folder, and it should reside on a fast disk to speed up the serving of published assets to the website. The folder cannot be moved, but you can create a junction to another drive in the event of I/O or space concerns. An alternative route is to connect FotoWeb to a CDN to host published assets.


- If a file is missing in the cache folder it will be automatically recreated when FotoWeb needs to serve an exported asset. However, this can potentially cause extra processing on the server and may result in a slight delay. For a website user, it may appear as if a link to an image has been broken the first time it is loaded, and upon refreshing the page, it will be shown correctly.

- If the original asset on which the exported asset is based, is moved, renamed or deleted, the cached exported asset cannot be recreated, which means it is lost. In general, we strongly recommend against moving, renaming or deleting assets that have been exported, or renaming, deleting or disabling archives, indexes in Index Manager or document folders containing such assets. As long as these recommendations are followed, it should not be a problem if data inside the Embed folder is lost, and there should be no need to back up its contents.

Regarding deleting / shrinking the embed cache (e.g., if it grows too big):

FotoWeb does not delete / shrink this cache automatically.

When an exported asset is revoked, placeholder files (“Media Not Available” on a white background) are stored in the cache, so the revoked asset still takes up space. This is by design, to ensure that the layout of external pages that use embedded assets from FotoWeb does not break.

When an exported asset is deleted, the files are not deleted from the embed cache.