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Cropping images using the FotoWare plugins

The Crop function makes it possible to soft-crop or real-crop an image. The type of cropping you are allowed to perform is determined by the archive's configuration on the server, and is completely transparent from a user's point of view.

Checking out a picture for cropping​

Select the picture in the grid and choose Crop on the action bar. Depending on your choice of web browser you may have to click on the .fwc file that is downloaded when you execute the command.

Cropping an image

When checking out a file from FotoWeb for cropping, the Crop & Size window above opens. By clicking the mouse and dragging a mask across the image a crop frame is created. You can change the mask size by clicking and dragging the little «handles» in each corner and on the sides of the mask. By moving the cursor inside the mask it changes to a hand. Now you can position the mask in the image. Positioning the cursor outside one of the corners of the frame makes it possible to rotate the crop frame freely, provided that free rotation of the crop frame has been enabled in the crop options.

Rotating the image

To rotate the image in steps of 90 degrees, click on one of the greet rotate buttons in the Crop & Size window. When you have applied a crop frame, it can be rotated freely by placing the mouse pointer outside the frame itself while clicking and dragging the frame to the desired position.

Previewing the crop

To get an idea of the final result after cropping, you can click on the Cropped Preview button. FotoWeb Desktop will then preview the cropped image on a neutral background. Simply click your mouse to return to the crop window.

Resetting the crop

To remove the crop frame from an image entirely, click on the Reset Crop button in the toolbar of the crop window.

Aligning the crop frame

The crop window offers an aid to help you adjust the crop frame to compensate for a slightly tilted picture. Look for any straight lines or a horizon in the picture and press the Shift key while clicking and dragging the mouse along it. FotoWeb Desktop will draw a line where you drag and then adjust the crop frame accordingly.

Setting Image Size

By clicking on the Image Size button you can see and change the print size of an image. The different sizes that you are allowed to choose from are determined by the configuration on the FotoWeb server. Depending on how the crop profiles are configured, you may be allowed to physically crop the image or only apply a crop frame to it.

Size Quality Control

Note how the quality indicator below the image changes when you change the print size of an image. This bar turns from green to yellow to red depending on whether there is sufficient information in the image to print it in the size you have chosen.