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How asset markers work


The FotoWeb site may have been configured with a number of asset markers. As a user, you need to understand what they are and how they work.

What markers are

Markers are little icons that show on the thumbnails of assets in archives. They are set by the system administrator and typically reflect the workflow state of individual assets - for example a marker can be configured to appear on all assets that have a certain value in a specific metadata field.
To learn more about a marker, point the mouse cursor on the marker to reveal the description of the marker as a tooltip - often this can tell you more about what the marker signifies.

Standard vs Extended markers

FotoWeb has two types of markers. Standard markers are merely a visual indicators to alert the user about the state of an asset - for example its current state in the workflow. Among other things, it can be used to tell users that a picture requires attention and manual editing, or that a document lacks necessary descriptive metadata.

The other type of marker is the extended kind. These markers offer interactivity and can only be seen and used by users who have been assigned a Plus or a Pro user license. These markers can be clicked to trigger an event - for example open a metadata editor where the user is required to fill in certain information, or to automatically update the state of a file using a metadata macro.

You can learn more about the different ways that markers can be configured in the markers configuration guide.

How markers show in FotoWeb

In the main FotoWeb interface, assets that have a marker associated with them get a little blue triangle in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. Hovering over that triangle with the mouse displays the asset's markers. If any of the markers are the interactive kind, the mouse cursor will change when hovering to indicate that you can click on it to execute a command.

Always showing all markers

In FotoWeb Pro, all an asset's markers are always shown. In the main FotoWeb interface, on the other hand, the default way to show makers is by the indicative blue triangle on the thumbnail, as described above. If you're logged in with a user with a Plus or Pro license, however, it's possible to enable showing of all markers by clicking on the wrench icon next to the search field and choosing Always show Markers on thumbnails.


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