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Setting up the FotoWeb plugin for Microsoft Office


The FotoWeb Desktop plugin for Microsoft Office is a part of the FotoWeb Desktop suite. When any of the FotoWeb Desktop permissions are assigned to a user or group through an archive's access list, the user will be prompted to install FotoWeb Desktop after logging in to FotoWeb if it has not already been installed.

How to give users access to the FotoWeb Desktop plugin for Microsoft Office?

Specifically, a user or group has to be given the Place permission on an archive's access list to gain access to that archive through the plugin. If the archive contains video clips that users should be given access to place in their PowerPoint presentations, for example, they also need Download rights on that archive.

Note: Enabling any FotoWeb Desktop feature (Place, Open, Edit, Crop, Upload) will enable users to install the FotoWeb Desktop suite on their computer if it is not already present. All the tools will be installed, but users will only be given access to use the tools set on the archives' access list.

How to deploy FotoWeb Desktop in an large organization?

Because users often do not have permission to install software on a managed computer, FotoWeb Desktop can be deployed using Group Policy. For more information, see Deployment of FotoWeb Desktop using Group Policy.

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