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Document folder permissions

What access does Index Manager require?

The first time you access Operations Center Settings you must provide credentials for the Fotoware process account. 

The Process account is an account that is used by all the Fotoware applications installed on the server, and in the case of Index Manager it is used when updating index content, writing and reading cache content, and reading and writing metadata to files in the document stores. Therefore, it's very often a good idea to create a domain account that has local administrative privileges on the server. Often the actual assets are stored on another server, maybe even on a SAN, so a domain process account makes good sense. The account should not be a domain administrator, for security reasons, but needs read and write access to the local cache folder, the local index folder(s), and the document folders (often on a network share/SAN).

For more information about process accounts, see Setting a process account for Fotoware services.

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