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Where is the FotoWare event log stored?

The Fotoware Event Log stores logs from all Fotoware applications running on the server. It is kept in C:\ProgramData\Fotoware\Log Files.

The most recent log entries are stored in FWEvents.log. This files rotated daily (every 24 hours) or when the file size exceeds 500MB. The old log file is then moved into the History subfolder and named according to date.

Log format

The log file is written in NLog format, so any NLog compliant viewer can be used to tail the system log file as it is being written. It's also possible to open and view the log in e.g. Notepad or another plain text editor, although using an NLog viewer will provide a better overview of system events.

Storing system events in a database

The log server can be configured to write events to a SQL database.

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