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Creating an archive

Where: Expand the Archives node in the configuration tree.

In the FotoStation configuration, select the Archives node in the configuration tree. Select New to create a new archive.

Other ways to create an archive

 To create an archive from the main window in FotoStation, right-click a blank area inside the Archives side panel and select Create archive from the context menu, or open the Archives program menu and select Create archive.

You can also locate a folder using the Desktop side panel, right-click it, and choose Create archive. This way, the path to the folder will be filled in automatically in the Archive properties dialog.

The archives you create are listed on the Archives tab by default. To view the files in an archive, simply select it.

When creating an archive, you can configure how you want it to work by adjusting a number of archive properties.

Tip: When creating an archive, FotoStation displays it on the Archives tab. You can create different types of tabs in FotoStation – they can contain archives, actions, projects, jobs, or a folder tree view.

Connecting to Index Manager archives

You can also create FotoStation archives that point to Index Manager archives on your network, in a WAN, or over the Internet. For more information about Index Manager archives, see Connecting to Index Manager archives.