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How to connect to an Index Manager archive

Connecting to an Index Manager archive

Note: FotoStation Client 8.0 requires Index Manager 8.0. It cannot connect to Index Manager 7.0.
Thus, in environments where you need to update both server and client to version 8.0 you should first update the Index Manager server and then migrate the FotoStation clients. FotoStation 7.0 clients will be able to connect to an Index Manager 8.0 server, but FotoStation Client 8.0 cannot connect to an Index Manager 7.0 server.

To connect to an index, you start by creating an archive in one of the following ways:

  • Right-click on an empty area in the left-hand side panel and choose Create archive.


  • Open the program configuration (File | Configuration), open the Archives node, and select New. 


Next, on the Archive properties page, choose Index Manager as the Archive type and use the Browse button to locate the server.

Enter the hostname of the Index Manager server and, optionally, specify a port number, as such: servername:7000. If Index Manager is configured to use port 7000 for communications (this is the default setting) you don't have to specify a port number.

Tip: To use secure communications, prefix the URL with fwps:// - for example fwps://imserver:7001

Select Refresh list to list the available indexes on the server.

Depending on the Index Manager server configuration you may be prompted to authenticate. If you're uncertain about your credentials, contact the server administrator. If your Fotoware system is set up to authenticate using SAML, a web browser will open and may ask you to authenticate or allow FotoStation to use your account.

Note: You will not be able to authenticate if your Windows/Mac user account does not have a password assigned.

Select the index you want to connect to and select OK to return to the archive properties page.

The archive name is filled in automatically. You can now set any additional archive properties before selecting OK to store the archive settings.

Advantages of connecting FotoStation to Index Manager

In many multi-user environments, FotoStation uses archives that are hosted on an Index Manager server. The server connection makes search and filtering much faster than if FotoStation were used stand-alone and there are additional benefits when searching with Index Manager.

Using a proxy connection

When connecting to Index Manager you can optionally configure FotoStation to use a proxy server for the network connection.

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