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Classifying assets using Classify views

What are the Classify views for?

This view, accessible from the Views button on the toolbar, can be used for sorting images and organizing them in predefined categories. When you use Classify View, you are actually modifying the content of metadata field number 225: Classify state. In this topic we will deal with the two predefined classify views, Basic and Refined, which are included when installing FotoStation. These views can for instance be used to perform initial classification of pictures you have imported from your camera - approving the ones you plan to keep and rejecting the ones you don't.

Classifying images

When you start classifying new files in an archive, they will normally be unclassified, i.e. the metadata field number 255 is empty, and all files will be shown in the Unclassified column. You can move files between classes by dragging and dropping them from one category to another, or by using the shortcut keys for each class. Normally, this is the Ctrl key (Option key on the Mac) together with a digit. If moving of columns has been enabled, you can also drag and drop the columns to change the order they appear in.

When you move a file from one column to another, the value of that image’s Classify state field is updated to correspond with the column’s header.

Tip: You can select a file in the Unclassified category and press Space bar to open a preview of the file in full screen. Then use space bar to select the ones you want while scrolling through the unclassified files. When you're done, press Escape to return to the grid and drag the entire selection to Approved. Those files not selected will remain in the Unclassified column and can be quickly selected and dragged to Rejected, or you can delete them immediately.

Changing your classifications

If enabled, it is possible to right-click on the column header and choose which classification you would like to have on the selected column. You can also open the options window for the selected classified view by selecting Options... from the context menu.

Changing classification types

By using the FotoStation program configuration you can in fact create you own Classify views with custom headers that reflect your way of working. Learn more about creating custom classification views.