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Information in the metadata panel

The metadata panel is shown below the thumbnails in FotoStation's program window and shows an extract of the metadata that is stored in the selected picture. If you select a range of files, FotoStation will show the content of the last file you click.

Except for the History button, the content of each of the four buttons to the right of the metadata panel can be configured according to your needs and it is possible to show any available metadata.

  • The Description button displays metadata information contained in the selected file, such as the file’s caption and keywords.
  • The Properties button displays information such as file name and size.
  • The Camera button displays contains camera information (EXIF) for pictures taken with a digital camera.
  • The History button displays information about various processing events performed in FotoStation.

Can the information that is displayed in the metadata panel be changed?

Yes, the content in this panel is based on what we call display templates. These can be modified to display the content of any field you choose, and you can change the formatting as you prefer. This is done in the program configuration by changing metadata display templates.