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Customizing metadata display templates

This topic explains how to configure the metadata preview templates in FotoStation's main program window.

Changing the display templates in FotoStation

Where: Expand the Display templates node under Metadata in the program configuration.

Listed under the Display templates node are the templates used for displaying the metadata of certain fields in the text panel below the image area in FotoStation (Text info, File info and Camera info), as well as the files used in the Rich List view (namely Rich List1 through Rich List4).

By expanding the Display templates node you can click on each of the templates below and edit their content in the text editor to the right. By clicking on the Insert code button you can choose a metadata field from which FotoStation will extract information. Keep in mind that due to the complexity of the Rich List view (it consists of a combination of four separate templates), if you make major changes to the Rich List display templates the entire layout of the Rich List view may be distorted. Hence you may have to adjust the properties of the Rich list view under the Views node in the configuration.


Code Explanation
#120 Inserts the content of field 120 (Caption/Description) in the display template

Defines the number of characters to extract from the field given, even if the field may contain more content that is reproduced.

Example: #120!050 will limit the extract from the Caption field to the first 50 characters.