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Comparing Assets

To compare assets in FotoStation, start by making a selection in the grid. You can select up to 12 assets for comparison.

Then press C to open the full screen Compare view.

FotoStation Compare View.png

Use the mouse to click the assets you want to keep or move the selection using the arrow keys and press Spacebar to select an asset.
A checkmark appears in the lower right corner of selected assets.

To remove the unselected assets and narrow down the selection, press again.

Toggling fullsize preview during compare

To compare fullsize previews of individual assets, press F to toggle fullscreen mode.

Other useful keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts you can also classify selected assets, apply status and rating and display asset metadata - The keyboard legend overlay shows all the available shortcuts.

Tip: You can minimize the overlay by pressing I.

Finishing compare mode

Finally, when you're left with the assets you'd like to keep on screen, press Escape to end compare mode and return to the FotoStation grid.
You don't need to select the remaining assets before finishing.

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