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Creating slide shows

Run full-screen slideshows of your collections or use slideshows to select pictures. 

About slideshows

The Slideshow option is an excellent way of browsing through images, both for viewing and selecting images that require editing or cropping, or finding images that aren’t up to your required quality level, and so on.

Creating a slide show

To run a slide show, select some images from the current source (select all images that are shown in the image window by using the shortcut key Ctrl-A (Command–A on the Mac). Note that the order in which you select the images will be reflected in the slide show. Then select Slideshow. The slide show window opens, giving you the opportunity to customize your slideshow.

Tip: You can start slideshows immediately using the last chosen settings by making a selection and pressing Shift-Enter.

Slide show options


If your computer has more than one available display, you can select which one you would like the slide show to run on. Select the display from the drop-down list.

Margins (in Pixels)

If required, you can have a margin (the margin’s color is the same as the Background color) around the images in the slide show. Enter the size (in pixels) for the margin into the Left/right and Top/bottom fields. If you don’t want a margin, make sure that the size is set to 0 for both the Left/right field and the Top/bottom field.

Clip Image to Fit the Presentation Area

When viewing images using the Slide Show option, you will see that some images won’t fit perfectly on the selected monitor. This is simply because images normally don’t have the same size as the monitor screen. If the image is too large, FotoStation will scale down images so they fit inside the presentation area on the monitor. This will lead to “empty” space at the top and bottom or left and right side for most of the images.

If the image is almost the same size (or can be scaled down to almost the same size) as the monitor resolution, you can choose to remove a small part of the top and bottom (or left and right side) of the image, so that the image will fit perfectly on the screen and you avoid the empty area. This can be done by checking the Clip image to fit the presentation area checkbox.

Background Color

Click on this button and select the color to use as the background color. This color is used as background when the image doesn’t fit perfectly inside the presentation area. (See the Clip image to fit the presentation area subtopic for more information.) The color will also be used if a margin has been set for the presentation (see the Margins (in pixels) subtopic for more information).

Fast Mode

If this option is selected, it will be faster to go through the images. The slide show will go faster since the images will be shown on the screen with a slightly lower quality. Note that this only affects the current slide show. The quality of the saved images is not changed.

Change Frames Automatically

 Select this option if you would like the images to change automatically. Make sure that you also specify how long each image should show on the screen before changing to the next image. The time is specified in seconds in the box below.

If you would like to stop the slide show, but not exit it, press the S key. The slide show will stop, showing the “pause” sign in the upper left corner of the slide show. Press the S key once more to resume the slide show. When Change frames automatically is not selected, you must use the arrow keys to change slides.

Continue from Start after Last Frame

Select this option if you would like to automatically restart the slide show after the last image has been shown. If this option is not selected, the slide show will end automatically after the last image.

Transition Effect

If the Fast mode option is not selected, you can select the transition effect you would like to use when switching between images. Select an effect from the drop-down menu. If you don’t want a transition effect, select None. On the Mac, you can choose how long you would like each transition effect to last (in seconds) by changing the option Time for transition. Please note that this is an option that depends on your hardware. If the Transition effect option is disabled, your Mac doesn’t support this option.

Display Logo

It is possible to show a logo (or other image) with all the images selected for the slide show. Note that the logo will not be inserted into the saved image. It will only be shown when using the slide show.

File name

Click on the browse button on the right-hand side of the field to locate the file you would like to use as a logo file.

Alignment: Select the logo’s vertical and horizontal alignments. The choices are Left, Center, and Right for the vertical alignment and Top and Bottom for the horizontal alignment. Note that the logo is aligned according to the monitor.

Transparency color

 If the logo has a transparency color (i.e. if a specific color in the logo image should be transparent) that differs from the Background color, then the checkbox should be selected and the transparency color selected by clicking on the Transparency color button.

Show Image Text

It is possible to include text information together with the slide show images. If you would like text to be included, select the checkbox. Note that you can also create your own template that will appear in the drop-down list if it is saved in FotoStation’s Text templates folder.


Select a template from the drop-down list.


 Select the height of the text field. Make sure that the text field is large enough for the text template.

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