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Opening files for editing in another application

As a photographer you probably use a slew of different tools to work with your valued assets. See how FotoStation integrates with them.

Ways to open files in other software programs

When working with files in an archive, you may find it useful to open a file in an application different from FotoStation. This is normally done in one of three ways:

  1. You can drag and drop the file from the main FotoStation windows or the Drag and Drop view into the program window of the other application.

  2. You can create an action that opens files in a specific external application (using the Launch application sub action), or

  3. You can start the application from FotoStation by opening the file in its associated program using the operating system's file associations.

There are several ways to open the file in its associated program, as described in point 3 above. This way you can open images in Photoshop, documents, in Word, PDF files in Acrobat and so on:

  • Right-click on a file and choose Open from the context menu
  • Select the file and use the keyboard shortcut Ctr-Enter (Windows) or Command-O (Mac)
  • In Windows you can hold down the Alt key while double-clicking on a file.

Tip: There's a separate function that lets you open files in Photoshop exclusively.

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