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Re-dating files


This topic explains how you can change the different date stamps on the files in your archives.

Why redate files?

When working with files it is often useful to be able to sort them by any of the date parameters, for example by their modified date. But sometimes the date stamp on one or more files is not the desired or even expected one. For example, this can happen if you are working with files from a number of different sources. When this happens, you will find it useful to be able to change the date (aka. redate) your files to make sure the sorting is as you would expect it to be.

How to do it?

Redating of files is possible by selecting one or more files and then opening the Image menu and choosing Redate...

In the dialog that opens, two dropdown lists allow you to choose source and destination dates, i.e. select the date you should copy from and what date or IPTC field you should copy the selected date into. The dates that can be used are File modified date, File created date, Camera date (from the EXIF field) and IPTC created date. In addition to these source dates, you are given the option to insert the current date (the Today’s date option) or any other date (the Specify date option) into the chosen date field. You can also directly type in any date freely in the Copy date from and then choose where that date should be stamped in the below Copy date to field. (The date format used is specified in the Windows/Mac OS system control panel.)

An example of a situation where you will have good use of the Redate option is if your archive contains files acquired from a digital camera whose file modification dates are jumbled. You can then use the Redate function to copy the Camera date to the File modified date. To do this, select the files you wish to redate and then right-click on one of them. Select Redate from the context menu. In the Copy date from field, choose Camera date, then choose File modified date in the Copy date to field. Finally, click on the OK button. The date found in the Camera date field will then be inserted into the File modified date field for each of the files.