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Renaming files

Learn how to rename files, optionally using metadata fields as the basis for file names.

About file renaming

FotoStation has a very useful tool for renaming a single or a whole batch of files in a simple, straightforward manner.

If you would like to rename files in an archive, select the files you would like to rename, then open the Image menu and select Rename. (The rename function can also by accessed by right-clicking the image and choosing Rename or by selecting one or more files and pressing the F2 key.)

The Rename dialog lets you choose between changing the actual file name or only its extension.

Changing the file name

When changing the filename, you may insert metadata field codes to use information contained in the chosen field as part of the filename. Note that if the metadata field you select is empty and you don’t enter anything else into the field, then the text “Empty field” will be inserted as the file name.

By selecting the Use incremental number checkbox you can insert a number anywhere in the file name that will increase by one for each file. (Note that this option is available only if you selected more than one file before you opened the Rename dialog. Also, when selecting the checkbox, the OK button will be disabled and replaced with OK All.)

Example: To rename a number of files according to the content of the Byline field followed by a running number, insert for example #080_0001 in the file name field and turn on incremental numbering. This will give the renamed files the name of the photographer as entered in the Byline field followed by an underscore and a running number starting at 0001.

Changing the file extension

Caution: Remember that when you change a file’s extension, you system may recognize it as another type of file. This could have an impact on which program your system starts when double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder, or when opening the file in an external application from within FotoStation. (Shortcut key Ctrl+Enter / Command–O)

If you only selected one file before opening the Rename dialog, you can’t use incremental numbering (the option is disabled) and the OK All button will not be available.

A note about sorting files by their file names: When sorting files according to their file names, you should always be using leading zeroes (i.e. 001_FileName.txt) to make sure that the files are sorted in the correct order.

Tip: Renaming order

Files are renamed in the order they are selected in the grid, so this will affect the order in which running numbers and other dynamic content are added to the file name.

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