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Adjusting image levels


How to adjust levels in FotoStation's image editor.

Level adjustment

To adjust image levels, click on the Levels button on the toolbar. This will bring up the Levels dialog. By choosing a color channel (or Master for all channels combined) and dragging the sliders you can adjust the image levels in the shadows, midtones and highlights. You can also type in the values in the text fields above the histogram. To automatically adjust levels, click on the Auto button. You now have the choice of performing automatic level adjustment with or without color balance preservation. If you choose not to preserve the color balance, the levels for all three color channels will be adjusted individually, whereas choosing color balance preservation will make FotoStation adjust them combined. Note that choosing Auto levels from the Image menu adjusts levels without preserving the color balance.

Digital flash

The Levels dialog also lets you equalize the image using the Digital Flash function.

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