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Adding a group box to fields in the editor

How to add a surrounding frame around fields that belong together in a custom metadata editor.

Why grouping fields is practical

Adding a box around fields that naturally belong together can be a nice way to help users understand how to use a metadata editor.

For example, you can create a group box with the label Address information that groups street address, phone number and other address related information together.

How to add a group box

To add a group box, click on Editor Items in the menu on the left and then click on the drop down list below (it usually says Show all items, unless another filter has been applied). Then click on the Group box and drag it into the layout.

Sizing the group box

Now click on the group box label to select it and drag it to its desired place. Then use the blue dots in the corner to adjust the box size to match the fields you are adding it to.

Naming the group

To give the group a fitting name, click on the box label to highlight it. Then click on Item properties in he menu to the left and change the Label value to change the group box name.

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