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Adding fields to a metadata editor

How to add fields to a custom metadata editor.

When you open the Metadata Editor Designer in FotoStation, all the metadata fields defined in the configuration are shown in the list on the left. You can sort them by their assigned field number.

You can use the drop-down list above the list of fields to filter fields in a large field definition by the namespace they belong to or by the group they have been assigned to in the metadata schema.

How to add metadata fields to the editor

To add a field to the editor, select it in the list on the left and drag it into the editor area. You can resize the editor window to make room for more fields as needed.

Several fields can be added by Ctrl-clicking them (Command-clicking on Mac) in the list on the left and then dragging them onto the editor grid.

Tip: If you're adding many fields, it may be practical to place them on individual tabs in the editor.

Next, you will probably want to resize and position the fields in the editor.