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Choosing a program configuration type

Explains how FotoStation can be configured for multi-user environments, using a default configuration for all users or separate named configs.

About your choice of configuration type

Where: The FotoStation Configuration node in the configuration dialog.

On the program configuration type screen you can choose between different configuration types that FotoStation can use. Your choice will depend on how you plan to use FotoStation.

FotoStation program configuration type.png

Use a separate configuration for each user

This option makes it possible for each user with his or her own user account on the computer to use a personal configuration. Thus, he or she can set up his or her own favorite archives and actions, views etc. The configuration will be automatically saved when the user exits FotoStation.

Log on and load configuration from a file server

By choosing this option it is possible to specify a location containing FotoStation configuration files, for instance on a network server. This makes it possible for a network administrator to create different configurations for different types of users and optionally supply each user with a user name and password. This way, he or she can start FotoStation, enter a user name and password and gain access to his or her own configuration. Please refer to the Managing Multiple Configurations topic to learn more.

By selecting the Enable ‘Work offline’ option, it is possible to keep a separate separation for offline use, for instance on a laptop that needs access to FotoStation even when it is not connected to the office network. The offline configuration is stored on the local computer and can be configured independently of the network configuration. When FotoStation is started, you can click on the Work offline button on the splash screen to load the offline configuration, whereas you can log in with your user name and password when the computer is connected to the office network.

Please refer to the guide on Configuring FotoStation for multi-user environments to learn more.

Tip: If your FotoStation environment uses several different logon folders, it's possible to press the Alt key (Command on Mac) while starting FotoStation to choose a logon folder during startup, making it easier for a system administrator to load different configuration quickly.

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