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Creating custom Multi Search views

This topic explains how to customize Multi Search views in FotoStation, for example to add macros for quick metadata tagging using drag and drop.

Customizing Multi search views

A Multi search view is slightly similar to a Classify view, but it can be customized to a greater extent. Files are sorted in columns based on their metadata content, which is determined by performing a search. For instance, you can set up a limited search for a certain abbreviation in the Category metadata field and sort files accordingly. To allow sorting of files by dragging and dropping them from one column to another, you can set up a text macro that’s run when file a file is dropped, adding custom metadata to the field.

FotoStation comes with three multi search views when it is installed – the Categories, Categorize, and News Agencies views. With Categories you can view the contents of an archive sorted by the content of the Category metadata field. All commonly used category abbreviations are included. The Categorize view is similar to Categories, but has also been set up to allow dragging and dropping of files from one column to another through the use of a text macro that changes the content of the Category field.

Creating a new Multi Search view


Clicking on the Multi search views node under the Views node in the configuration tree brings up a list of all configured Multi search views. (Categories and Categorize are the standard ones.) Click on the New button under the list of Multi search views to create a new one. Start by naming the view by entering a name in the View name field. Then add the columns that you want to include in the view by clicking on the New button.


Defining columns

Start by naming the column. The column name will appear in the column header when browsing files. Next, click on the Edit search criteria button to set up a search. To learn how to create a custom search, please refer to the Searching chapter. You can also edit an existing multi search view to see how it has been set up.

Allowing regrouping of files using drag and drop

Since a Multi search view arranges files in columns based on their metadata content, you need to change their metadata if you want to rearrange them. This is accomplished by applying a text macro when a file is dropped from one column to another. To set up a text macro, first, select the checkbox labeled Allow drop into this column, then select Edit text macro button to set up a text macro. To learn how to set up a text macro, see Creating a macro to modify metadata. For now, suffice to say that a macro can, for example, be used to overwrite the current content of a field with new content. If you look at how the Categorize Multi search view is configured, you will see that the text macros used are set to replace the content of the Category field with a custom category abbreviation.