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Changing FotoStation's program language

Where: Go to File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac), Preferences Language.

FotoStation comes in a number of language varieties. When starting the program for the first time, you are given the option of choosing the program language, but if you change your mind later, it is easy to change to another language. When FotoStation is configured to use a separate configuration for every user on the computer, each user can select his or her preferred language.

To change the language of program menus and dialogs, templates, and all program-related files, open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac), then select Language. Choose your new preferred language and select OK.

FotoStation may have to restart after changing the program language.

Note: Display templates, metadata QuickLIsts, linked lists and thesauruses, print templates, and web export templates are language-specific. Therefore, if you have customized any of these, you will need to copy them to the new language folder after you change languages (otherwise they will seem to have disappeared.)

Which languages are available?

For a list of currently supported languages, see Which languages are available FotoStation?