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Activating FotoStation using a logon script

This article explains how you can activate FotoStation clients using a logon script.

Note: The Fotoware Application Activation Wizard has been superseded by the fwlicensetool for managing activations. For information on how to obtain this tool and use it to manage software activation from the command prompt, see Command line activation of Fotoware applications using fwlicensetool.

Considerations when deploying FotoStation

When rolling out several FotoStation Client installations in a network environment, automating the license activation on each computer using a logon script can often be useful. This can be done by creating a logon script on every computer where FotoStation has been installed. The software installation can also be automated using, for example, Active Directory deployment, in which case you can also have the installer activate the client software for you by modifying the MSI package.

For more information about creating a logon script, see Microsoft Windows documentation.


Fotoware License Tool is a command-line activation utility that can be used to manage the activation of all Fotoware applications via the command line. 

Activate the software with the specified license key. 

--activate <license key>


Deactivate the software with the specified license key. 

--deactivate <Fulfillment ID | License key | "all">


Repair a damaged, activated license with the specified license key. This may be necessary if hardware has been added to or removed from the computer.

--repair <license key>


Defining proxy settings

 In environments where a proxy server is used for outgoing internet access, you must define the proxy setting as well. 

--proxy <proxyserver:port>