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Command line activation of Fotoware applications using Fotoware License Tool

Fotoware License Tool is a command-line activation utility that can be used to manage the activation of all Fotoware applications via the command line. It can also be used when software deployment requires scripting of the activation sequence.

Fotoware License Tool replaces the older Fotoware Application Activation wizard (fwappactwiz). 

Where to get it?

When you install a Fotoware product (FotoStation, or any server product with Operations Center), Fotoware License Tool is automatically installed. Look for the Fotoware License Tool in your list of installed applications. 

Alternatively, you can find fwLicenseTool in the Fotoware Customer Portal in Utilities in the Downloads section.

Starting the Fotoware License Tool


Note: You need administrative privileges to run this utility. 

  1. Once you have installed fwLicenseTool, open the Windows Start menu and search for Fotoware License Tool.
  2. Select it in the Start menu to open a command prompt and display the utility help text.

In FotoStaton Mac, fwLicenseTool is located in the application bundle. Use the following commands from the terminal:

cd '/Applications/FotoStation'
./fwlicencetool [options]



The procedure is the same for Windows and Mac, with a few exceptions. 


In Windows, there are options for install/uninstall service. The installer invokes these and should normally not be used.


If the “flexnet licensing service” isn’t already installed, fwlicenstool will automatically try to install it when you invoke a command in the Mac version.
This requires administrator privileges; use sudo to achieve this, for example: sudo ./fwlicensetool -l c

Otherwise,fwLicenseTool does NOT need to run as admin.


General syntax

fwlicensetool [options]


Flags Description
-?,  -h,  --help Display this help
-v,  --version Display version information
-a,  --activate <license> Activate a license key
-l,  --list List all licenses, pass optional "c" for compact list
-d,  --deactivate <Fulfillment ID | License key | "all"> Deactivate a license
-r,  --remove <Fulfillment ID | License key | "all"> Remove a license
--repair Repair broken licenses. Run the command without additional options to repair all broken licenses on the system
--renew Renew all licenses with less than 30 days to expiry. Note: This option only works if the agreement has been renewed and when the renewed agreement is using the same license keys.

If the license has already expired, you can use the activate command.
-p,  --proxy <proxyserver:port> Use HTTP proxy for activating or deactivating
-c, --credentials <username:password> Provide proxy credentials 
--oa,  --offline_activation <License key> Create an offline activation request file. See here.
--or,  --offline_response <Filename> Read and activate the offline activation response file. See here.
--vf,  --validate_feature <Feature> Check if a feature is valid. --version_date is also required
--vd,  --version_date <VersionDate> Specify version date corresponding to app release, <>. This argument is only used with --validate_feature
-i,  --installservice Install FlexNet license service (Windows only)
-u,  --uninstallservice Uninstall FlexNet license service (Windows only)
--ba,  --batch-activate <input file> Activate a batch of license keys from the text file. You can use any text file containing the licenses, for example, the .CSV file from the Customer Portal.


Renewing subscription licenses

From 6th June 2023, we reuse the same license keys when renewing an agreement. Instead of activating new license keys, you can use the --renew option in Fotoware License Tool to renew or reactivate your existing license keys. This option only works for licenses that are within 30 days of their expiry date; if the license has already expired, this command won't work, and you need to use the --deactivatecommand instead.

FotoStation  FotoStation has a built-in UI for managing licenses. When a license is approaching its expiration date, you receive a notification and can renew it directly in the UI.

Simplified activation of multiple keys

If you need to activate several license keys at the same time on the same machine, you can use batch activation. You can use any text file containing the licenses as the command argument, for example, the .CSV file from the Customer Portal. Use the --ba,  --batch-activate <input file> option to activate all of the licenses at the same time.

Offline activation 

Offline activation is used when the computer where the Fotoware software is activated does not have a working internet connection.

An offline activation consists of the following steps:

  1. Generating an offline activation request file on the computer intended to run the software.
  2. Uploading the activation request file to Fotoware: Go to (requires a Fotoware Customer Portal account) to upload the file.
  3. Using the response file received in the previous step to activate the software on the computer.

The command used to create the activation request file in Step 2 and the command used to activate the offline response file in Step 3 are described in the Options table above.

Repairing a broken license

This problem can arise if you add or remove hardware on your computer system, as it can change the hardware fingerprint of your computer.

  • FotoStation will automatically try to repair the “base license” if it finds it broken.
  • For other products or addon licenses in FotoStation, use: fwlicensetool ––repair