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Installing a previous version of FotoStation


This article describes how you can revert to an earlier version of FotoStation if your product key does not allow you to run the most recent version you installed.


If you have updated to a version of FotoStation that is newer than your product key allows you to run, you will not be able to start the it. Instead, the activation wizard will pop up and prompt you for a valid product key over and over again.


Alternative 1: Go back to an earlier version of FotoStation.

Alternative 2: If you have a valid Agreement, you can find the new product keys by logging in to the Fotoware License Center and running the license fulfillment process. Otherwise, contact Fotoware Sales to purchase a warranty extension/Agreement.

 Reverting to an earlier version

 The below procedure outlines how you can go back to using an older version of FotoStation that will run on your current product key.


1. Quit FotoStation. 
2. Uninstall the version of FotoStation that refuses to run using the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. Your configuration files (metadata templates, macros and other configuration data) will not be affected by the uninstallation.
3. Install the previous working version of the software.


 1. In your Applications folder on the hard drive, move the FotoStation application to the Trash.

2. Go to the folder /private/var/db/receipts/ and delete these two files:
Where <n> is the version number.

Note: If you cannot find the specified folder on your hard drive, press Command-Shift-G in the Finder and type in the path to the folder. It may be hidden, so this may be the only way to access it.
3. Empty the trash
4. Install the previous working version of FotoStation.