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Resetting suppressed dialogs in FotoStation

How to bring back confirmation prompts that you have chosen never to show again.


Where: Open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac), select Preferences, then Suppressed dialogs.

From time to time, when performing an operation in FotoStation a dialog may appear that requires additional information from the user. Some of these dialogs have a checkbox that makes it possible to remember the choice you make and never show the dialog again. However, if you wish to reset these choices to bring the dialogs back, this can be done quite easily by following the procedure outline below.

To restore some or all suppressed dialogs, open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Then choose Suppressed dialogs. This will open a window where all suppressed dialogs are listed. Select the checkboxes next to the entries that you want to make visible again, then click OK. The next time you activate the program feature(s) in question, FotoStation will display the dialogs again.