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Equalize (Digital flash) sub action

Use this sub action to brighten up slightly underexposed pictures.


This sub action is used if the original image is a bit dark, and you would like to apply a digital flash to the image. It will make the darkest part of the image appear brighter, but it may also remove some of the contrast from the image.

When you apply this sub action to an image, FotoStation will start analyzing the image to discover how much equalizing should be applied to the image. As with all image processing sub actions, make sure that you understand how this sub action is used before you start using it in a production setting.


This sub action has two settings:

Exposure fields: When using the Equalize (Digital Flash) sub action, you can choose between applying the digital flash to the entire image (1 (Whole image)) and to divide the image into equally large areas and apply the digital flash to each of these areas separately (4 Areas or 9 Areas). Dividing the image into several areas can for example be useful if one area of the image is particularly bright, and another part is substantially darker.

Strength: Select how strong you would like the digital flash to be. If the original image is very dark, you may want to use the strongest option (Strong), while if the image is quite bright, the Weak option may be more suitable.

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