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FotoStation sub action reference

This guide lists all the available sub actions and details their settings.

About sub actions

Sub actions can be combined in numerous ways to create elaborate workflows. The child pages in this section explain the settings related to all the sub actions available in FotoStation. Click on the sub action you're interested in to learn more about it.

Note about RAW processing

When processing RAW files in an action, you will have fewer options than when processing other image file types. This will be reflected in the choice of available sub actions.

Sub actions

File operations Metadata Tools Processing Color Transfer Output

Copy file

Check required metadata  fields

Color Factory via FWP

Apply soft crop

Color Management

FTP Upload


Move file

Apply metadata  macro/template

Color Factory via JRF

Resize image

Tag with ICC profile

FotoWeb Upload

Write CD/DVD

Copy via FWP

Attach license

JPEG file size

Auto levels


E-mail Send

Move via FWP

Clear licenses

Check quality value

Auto levels



Save file

Add metadata

Launch Application





Rename file

Change IPTC character set (codepage)


(digital flash)




Delete file

    Sharpening filter      

File format




Text Block