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Configuring notifications when assets change

Using webhooks you can configure the FotoWare system to to send notifications when assets change in an archive. These notifications are configured in the site management (Tools - Site Configuration). Expand the Integrations node and choose Webhooks, where you find the Asset Webhooks that control these notifications.

Three asset events are available for notifications:

Asset ingested - Used to post a notification when an asset enters the system via the FotoWare API.

Asset modified - Send a notification when an asset in the system changes.

Asset deleted - Send a notification when an asset is deleted by any means.

The asset data can be sent as Form or JSON data to the URL specified in the corresponding field.

JSON Data sent in webhook




byline String The byline of the asset
created ISO 8601 Date (String) Date when webhook was created
data JSON object Asset representation
description String Description of the asset
file-size String Size of the file in bytes
href String Original URL of the asset within the originating archive
id String ID of the webhook
pixel-height String A height of the image in pixels, e.g. "2560"
pixel-width String A width of the image in pixels, e.g. "1440"
preview-href String URL of the preview image
tags String Tags (keywords) of the asset
thumbnail-href URL (String) URL of the thumbnail
title String Title of the asset
type String Type of the data. In this case, it's "asset"
unc-path String Deprecated. Please do not use. Not available in SaaS

Example of the JSON data sent in webhook

Please note that the "data" field below contains the Asset representation. Because of its size, it has been left out in the example.



  "pixel-width": "2976",

  "byline": "",

  "description": "Some long description line",

  "tags": "",

  "file-size": "243340",

  "title": "",

  "thumbnail-href": "",

  "created": "2019-03-07T11:44:27.802Z",

  "href": "",

  "data": {...},

  "preview-href": "",

  "type": "asset",

  "unc-path": "...",

  "pixel-height": "3968",

  "id": "12489453-7e9d-4604-af89-99b8f91db6a3"