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Syntax for custom taxonomy queries

To create a custom search for a taxonomy node you need to use Search Expressions syntax.

By defining a custom search for a taxonomy item it is possible to expand or narrow the scope of the query to find-tune the results a user sees when selecting a taxonomy item. As an administrator you can use the syntax examples below to adjust a taxonomy query to behave precisely the way you would like it to.


Custom search query



Searches for london in all fields

london market

Searches for london OR market in all fields

"london market"

Searches for the exact phrase "london market" in all fields


Searches for london in field #90 only (City field)

5:politician 90:london 90:oslo

Searches for politician in Title field (#5) AND (london OR oslo) in City field (#90) - Note how a search for two different words in the same field always combines those terms with an OR.


When a user clicks a taxonomy node that has child nodes, the search will include narrower terms in the taxonomy if the node contains fewer than 25 child items.

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