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November 2022 updates

FotoWare as a Service - November 2022 hotfixes



These releases are gradually deployed and the latest release will be available on all tenants soon. The releases are listed in chronological order, with the latest on top.


Product build numbers
FotoWeb build 8.1.1212
Index Manager build 8.1.1031

Fixed issues 

  • The processing of SVG files in Index Manager is improved.
  • The mask marker is now displayed immediately when applied to a large number of assets. 
  • You can once again upload assets to FotoWare from an integration using the  Selection Widget, even when not logged in to your FotoWare account. 



Product build numbers
FotoWeb build 8.1.1211
Index Manager build 8.1.1027
Operations Center build 8.1.116

Fixed issues

  • In the Selection Widget:
    • you can now set a default thumbnail size that is presented when the selection widget is loaded
    • a taxonomy item with a long name is now presented correctly
  • User management: The site owner is no longer included in the total number of Editor licenses when logging in with SSO.
  • Site Configuration:
    • Site Configuration is no longer available for users who do not have access permissions to it when they have Export, Place, or Upload permissions in an archive.
    • You can now copy data fields in Site Configuration as well as fields in the Users/Groups section. 
  • In the FotoWare Main Interface, the Actions button is available again on album pages.
  • SSO login sometimes fails with an sso_access_denied error if the user is a member of more than 100 groups in Azure AD and group-based access control is used. As a workaround, you can use role-based access controls to allow affected users to log in: link linked groups against roles and then link roles against FotoWare groups.


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