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Organizing users into Groups

Why it's good practice to organize users into groups, and how to do it.

What groups are for

Users can be arranged in groups to make it easier to control access to your archives and workflows.

The Everyone and Registered Users groups are system default groups and cannot be deleted or modified.

Each user in FotoWeb is a member of the Everyone and the Registered Users groups, except for the Guest user, who is not regarded as a registered user.

Creating a new group and adding users to it

User and Group Management (marked).png

To create a group, open the Tools menu and choose Manage Users/Groups. Go to the Groups tab and select Add new group.

User Management - Creating a group.png

Name the group and choose the default license that should be applied to users that are imported into this group. You can also make the group a member of another group using the Access drop down.

User Management - Adding users to a group.png

Users and groups can be removed from the group by selecting them in the list and choosing Remove.


Default groups in FotoWare SaaS

For convenience, three groups exist from the start in FotoWare SaaS. When creating additional groups, these can be added to one of the three existing groups to apply basic permissions in the system.

All three groups have the Editor license assigned. However, their group permissions vary, making them suitable for different usage scenarios.

Learn more about how licenses and group membership combine to give users the correct permissions.