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Connecting to a different FotoWeb server

Once FotoWeb has been initialized and configured on your device the first time, it will store the server host name you specified so you won't have to type it again the next time you connect.

If, however, you would like to connect to another FotoWeb server, you can easily change the connection.

To do so, follow these steps:


  • Start FotoWeb Desktop on your device
  • Tap and hold ("long touch") the FotoWeb logo in the site banner at the top of the screen. This opens up the site selector menu:




  • Tap the + icon to create another site connection.
  • Now change the Host name to the new server you want to connect to. You must also specify a user name and password for authentication.
  • Click Done to store the new site. When the connection is created, it will also be set as the active connection. To connect to one of the other sites you have created, simply tap it in the server list and then click on Done to store the changes.
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