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Creating and using alerts (search agents) on iPhone and Android

How to create search agents that notify you when new files matching your search criteria are available in an archive.

What are alerts?

Alerts are notifications of files that have been added to an archive. They are created by first performing a search and then saving that search as an alert. To check the status of your alerts, tap Alerts on the main screen in the application.

Creating an alert



To create an alert, perform a search from the main screen. When the list of archives with the search result is displayed, tap on the action icon in the lower left corner and tap Save as alert. You can now optionally modify the search string and set the frequency of the alerts, i.e. how often you would like the alert to refresh. Setting the alert frequency to "As it happens" implies that the alert will update every five minutes.



Checking the status of an alert




To check the status of your alerts, tap Alerts on the home screen of the FotoWeb application. Alerts that have updated files are shown first under the New Files node, while other alerts that don't contain any new files are listed below under Other Alerts.

By tapping on one of the alerts with new files in it, you open a list of all the archives that the search has been performed in. Archives where there are new files are marked with a blue dot:




By then tapping on an archive that has new files in it, the new files will be shown in grid view. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch between New files and All files in the archive:


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