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Creating custom links in the Fotoware titlebar

Administrators can create custom icons with links to resources that Fotoware users can click on to access. Button visibility can be customized so that buttons are even available for guests.

Note: Custom links are available in both the main Fotoware interface and the Fotoware Pro interface

FotoWeb- How a custom link appears.png

Where is this configured?

  1. From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon) go to Site Configuration Appearance > Branding.
  2. On the Corporate branding tab, scroll down to the Custom titlebar buttons toggle and turn it on.

Custom titlebar buttons.png

  1. Select Add button to create a custom button with a link:

Custom titlebar buttons - create or edit a button.png

  1. Enter the following information: 

Icon: Click on the icon to choose from the available icons.

Tooltip: Type in the explanatory text that appears when users hover over the icon in the Fotoware user interface.

Available for Guest: Turn on this toggle to make the custom link visible to unauthenticated visitors to the site (guests)

Url: Enter the URL that opens when a user selects the icon. Tip: It's possible to use all tags described in the User tags in Fotoware article in the URL. These will be replaced for logged-in users.

Behavior: Choose whether the link opens in a new tab or in the currently open tab.