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Deployment of Fotoware Mobile through Mobile Device Management software


Fotoware Mobile is enabled for MDM (Mobile Device Management) deployment for any MDM solution able to forward/list apps from the public App Store (i.e., any app listed and available for everyone on Google Play/Apple Store). It uses native networking capabilities and is, therefore, capable of using any VPN tunnels configured on this layer through MDM.

Fotoware can be configured to use SSO (SAML/ADFS/Microsoft Entra ID), and Fotoware Mobile supports this capability. It can be configured by the MDM to connect to a specific hostname so the user is forced to connect to the company DAM. The user will not be asked to enter the hostname during the app launch.


The following properties can be configured through MDM:

Property key Value (default) Description


true/false (true)

Set to false to disable upload capabilities in the app.


true/false (true)

Set to false to disable uploading from the camera roll.


true/false (true)

Set to false to disable onboarding slides.


string (null)

Specify hostname (DNS name component) to force connection to a specific host.

uploadFileCategories documents, photos, videos, or all (all)
A comma-separated list.
Specify the upload options displayed.
workflowActionTypes none/all/non-interactive (all) Specifies which workflow actions are available. If non-interactive is selected, only actions that don't have any user input will be displayed.
compactModeDefault enabled/disabled (disabled) Sets the default value for compact mode.

Example configuration

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