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Combining processing profiles in sets

What's a processing profile set?

A processing profile set is a collection of processing profiles. This set can be added to an archive so that when the user downloads files or orders files for delivery, he will get the chance to choose from the available processing profiles in the set. It can also be used to offer users of FotoWeb Desktop for InDesign the possibility to process files on the server before delivering the resulting file to the InDesign layout.

Creating a processing profile set

saasaugust19- Processing profile set.png

Go to the Fotoware site settings using the Tools menu, expand the Workflows node and choose Processing profile sets.

To create a new set, click on Add processing profile set above the list of sets.

Name the set and select the profiles you would like to include in the set. You can also define a default profile that will be the default selected profile in the user interface, for instance when the user goes to the Checkout page for the shopping cart.

Assigning the processing profile or profile set to an archive

After completing the configuration of processing profiles and optionally adding them to a set, you can assign them to an archive.