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Uploading custom watermarks to Fotoware

If you have access to the Fotoware site management, you can upload custom watermarks to your site and apply them to archive thumbnails and previews, image processing profiles used in workflows, and Quick Renditions.

Tip: When creating a custom watermark, you can achieve transparency by making sure those areas have a color value of 128 in R, G and B channels. By using the Emboss filter in Photoshop you can create a nice 3D imprint effect.

To upload a custom watermark, go to the Watermarks node in the site management and click on the Upload button in the top right corner:

Uploading a custom watermark to FotoWare.png

Locate the locally stored watermark file and upload it to the server. The watermark can now be selected when configuring archives, Quick Renditions and/or image processing workflows in Fotoware.