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Hiding an asset from view after processing

This feature is only available when using Extended Actions.
Extended Actions are only available to FotoWare Main Users and FotoWare Pro Users.

When do I need this?

This option will hide the asset from view directly after processing. If you've configured an action that moves an asset to another folder, for example, you may find that the file does not immediately disappear from view. That's because the user interface does not immediately reload results from the server after you've executed the action.

However, by choosing to hide the asset from view in the action's configuration, it will be immediately hidden once the action has executed so you can tell it's been processed. If the action does not actually do anything that removes the file (by removing it from its original location or tagging it so archive autosearches render it invisible), you can bring the file back by refreshing the page in the browser.

How to enable the feature

Configuring an action to hide an asset from view

If you'd like to hide the processed assets from the archive when you've processed them, open the action properties and go to the Source asset tab. The settings on this tab relate to what's being done to the original asset in the archive.

Tick the Hide asset from view checkbox to make the file disappear from view once it has been processed.