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Renaming files that are transferred with an action

When you use an action to transfer files to a destination,  you can define whether to rename the transferred files individually or as a group.

  1. Go to Site Configuration > Workflows > Actions.
  2. Open the Destination asset tab.


  1. Turn on the Enable interactive toggle. 
  2. Turn on the Rename files toggle and select Per job or Per file.
  • Per job - when you use the action, you can enter a File name. The file name entered automatically applies to each file being transferred.  


If you transfer more than one file with the same file extension, a number is automatically appended to the file name for each extra file.

Example: transfer_same_file_type.png

  • Per file - when you use the action, you can enter a File name for each file being transferred. 


  1. Select Save.